Kiranti in Indonesia Summer Bazaar 2015 Dubai

Indonesia Summer Bazaar is an annual event held by Consulate General Republic of Indonesia Dubai. The most anticipated event for all expatriate from Indonesia in UAE. The events is held on 12 June 2015 at General Consulate Republic of Indonesia in Dubai.Not only Indonesian who came to this event, but also Emirati and expatriates from other countries.

While enjoying the food and culture from Indonesia, our agent introduced Kiranti, the women's favorite drinks, to women visitors. The enthusiastic of visitor to try Kiranti was great, many Indonesian women who are familiar with Kiranti are glad that they can find Kiranti in UAE. As for the local audience and the expatriates who never tasted Kiranti, they were enjoying it as much as those who had drank Kiranti before.

With the success of this sampling event, we hope to see you at other events!


Sampling Kiranti Sampling Kiranti

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